Monday, February 3, 2020

Growing the Family

           After Rowyn was born, Andy and I decided to pursue growing our family through domestic infant adoption. In 2017, we met with Lutheran Social Services to begin the process. We started when Rowyn was only months old because we knew that it could be a long process. We completed our home study, educational requirements, and paperwork in 2018. We made our portfolio and then entered the “waiting period.”
            With the domestic infant program, you wait to be chosen by the birth parent(s). This period of waiting is indeed the hardest. With previous due dates of March 9, 6, and 7 for our three biological children, this past March was personally the hardest for us as we were still waiting for our adoptive child. In 2019, Lutheran Social Services also dropped their adoption program, and we transitioned to Holt Wisconsin.
            We have not been extremely vocal about this whole process, as it is honestly tough to talk about. We have the support of our church, and are often asked about updates. There are simply no updates to give. We are still waiting. We have considered going through an adoption consultant, but cannot currently afford it, even though we are told the wait is much shorter going that route. Our case worker has been encouraging us to be more vocal about our desire and readiness to adopt, so we are finally taking to social media to share a bit of our journey with all of our family, friends, and acquaintances. If you know of anyone who is considering making an adoption plan, help us connect! It seems that many adoptions happen outside of an agency by word of mouth, through family and friends. 
            If you are interested in reading more about our story and our journey, or to donate to our  adoption fund, you can do so HERE If you would like to check out our online portfolio, it can be viewed HERE.