Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Yoga Too?!

            I’ve been told many times that yoga is great for you.  I’ve read how it is great for triathletes.  I’ve been asked several times if I do it.  My answer has always been that it’s tough enough to get in the swim, bike, run basics that no, I just don’t have time for it, even if it would be great for me to do.  Before we had Baya, Andy and I attempted to once do a P90x yoga session.  I don’t think I lasted even ten minutes before quitting for good.  It was super intense and really hard.
            A while back, a friend pointed me towards 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene on youtube.  It’s a gentle yoga.  She also keeps the sessions to an average of about 20 minutes or so.  When I took a few days off from running and biking due to hip pain, I finally got a start on my 30 Days of Yoga.  No, I do not suddenly have more time.  But I have made it a priority to slot into my day whenever I can.  Some days I am able to get it done during naptime.  Some days I have done it in the evening after the kids go to bed, and some days I have kids climbing on me during my yoga practice.  But I have loved it!
            I finished my 30 days last week, and am now starting on a Yoga Camp with her.  Going forward, I hope to continue to make yoga a regular part of my training.  It probably won’t be every day anymore, but it has been great for my opening up and stretching my lower back and my hips.  I’d love to continue doing yoga 3-5 times per week as the season progresses.  Maybe someday I’ll even try P90x yoga again.  Or maybe not.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Celebrating #LifewithMyles

In case you've missed the social media updates, in honor of Myles' 1st birthday, here is the best of #LifewithMyles... 
  • Andy nicely volunteered to do the night shift with Myles to give me a break and let me sleep. So Myles slept through the night but had a very early morning, so it'd still be my problem. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Not many people greet 5am with such enthusiasm. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Found a small lump in my food.... How DARE they?! ‪#‎LifewithMyles (pictured)
  • "If poopin' your pants is cool, consider me Myles Wyss" ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • It is obviously a rule that when mom is away, you must wait until she returns to get sick, so that you can throw up on her. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • A kid was kicked out of the baby play area at the Y today for pushing kids down and STANDING on TOP of them. Myles is fine. Didn't even fall off. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Ladybug: 0. Myles: 0. Because nobody wins when you eat a ladybug. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • We thought we wanted at least three kids. Then Myles happened. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • We couldn't risk a Christmas tree this year. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Myles came walking in from the kitchen with part of a toothpick in his mouth. Which he must have gotten from the garbage. Not sure where the rest of the toothpick went either... ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • When we leave, we don't tell the sitter, "Goodbye." We just say, "Good luck." ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Thanks for leaving the plant alone. Next time, please leave the dirt in the pot too. Thanks. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • ‪#‎LifewithMyles Need I say more? (pictured)
  • Thinking he needed to be pampered to sleep (we literally tried everything), we put a blanket on the bottom of the pack n play. One night after hearing him cry for so long, I went and picked him up. He then coughed and spit up a tie from the blanket. ‪#‎parentingfail ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Myles had his first fall down the entire flight of steps. When questioning the sole witness, first Baya says she pushed him down (possible but doubt it), then she says he fell by himself. In a later version, she also fell down the stairs (not true). Life lesson: 2.5 year olds do not make for a credible witness. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Myles picked at something on the back of the couch, and then I see him chewing. "What are you eating?!" was quickly answered by the stench of a dead ladybug coming from his mouth. This is getting ridiculous. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • You know the Home Ec class that makes kids babysit a doll to teach teens what babies are like? I'd let them borrow Myles. That'd teach them. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • And that's why we can't have nice things... ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • I wanted Myles to show his Daddy how he could pick up his cup and drink from it, as he had been successfully doing. This time, of course, he picks it up and dumps it out over his shoulder ‪#‎likeaboss ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • When they're bigger and roles are reversed, I doubt that Baya will take so kindly to being drug around the house by her feet. Just a hunch. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • We had concerns that if we had won the big Powerball, our kids would be kidnapped for ransom. Then we realized that they'd just return Myles anyway. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • "And you're the reason why houses have to be up to code..." (as Myles sticks his head between the banisters) ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Took the kids swimming this week. Myles will either turn into a great swimmer, or drown.  ‪#‎NoFear ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Kids develop self-soothing mechanisms. Baya plays with tags. Myles pulls his hair out. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • If there are 100 toys in a room, and one non-play item, there is a 100% chance he will spot the item in seconds, make a beeline for it, and then attempt to destroy it for extra points. He's ‪#‎sorrynotsorry ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • The first 2 weeks after Myles was born, I thought, "I got this!" Good times. Good times. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • There's always "that kid" that eats the play dough. No real surprise it'd be Myles. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • After chasing Myles up the steps for the umpteenth time, I say to him, "What am I going to do with you?!" To which I hear Baya respond, "Put him in the garbage!" ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Myles had a busy morning: turned 9-months-old, got into 2 different plants, got into cords, pooped 4 times, took his first unassisted steps, and played in toilet water. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Took the kids outside before lunch in hopes they'd take a good afternoon nap. LATER. Myles proceeded to lie like a dead body in the sled and took a nap there. I give up. ‪#‎LifewithMyles 
  • Last summer I left Andy at home with the kids for 25 minutes while I ran an errand. I come back to find him so stressed over crying Myles that he was completely oblivious to naked Baya washing her swimsuit in the pool. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • At the crawl stage, babies can try textured foods. He's been crawling for months, working on walking, but textures make him gag. What a baby. I'll be pureeing his food when he's 16. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Because we have professional pictures in 2 days... ‪#‎LifewithMyles (pictured)
  • Buzzed his hair the other day. It's the stillest he's ever sat. Now he looks like he's ready for bootcamp - an appropriate place for him. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Discovered another victim on the roof of Myles' mouth. RIP Ladybug, and the countless other unknown casualties. ‪#‎AnotherOneBitesTheDust ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • With all the blood and incident report forms for him already, we better put all we can into HSA for his future stitches & E.R. trips. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Believe it or not, I didn't have to child-proof with Baya. Not with this one. Everything screams, "Danger!" "Death!" ‪#‎LifewithMyles 
  • It's hard to yell at Baya when she does something that looks mean or too rough to Myles, when he laughs. "He likes that, Mommy." Until he cries... ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • 1:15AM: Myles should not need anything, so we let him cry. He doesn't stop, and no one is sleeping. I give in and go down there, only to find his leg has been stuck in the slat of his crib. We can't win with this kid. ‪#‎NonstopSupervisionRequired ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • The other day, Baya was giving back blows to her baby doll because it ate a leaf. It's all too true that kids copy what they see their parents do. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • You can try to baby proof, but you can't Myles-proof. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Daddy quote: "They need to make boy diapers where all the padding is in the front." ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • "Myles at a leaf this morning and it didn't come back up. So if he starts coughing, just give him some back blows." - Mommy to Y child-care staff. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Recently, Myles had a phase where he couldn't nap longer than an hour straight by himself, but he could finish his nap for another hour or 2 on me. I cruised through 2 seasons of Prison Break episodes. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • This kid is like clockwork. He gets up, you change him and then 10 minutes later you hear him grunting. ‪#‎wasteofadiaper ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • When desperation hits, you learn how many one-mile loops in the neighborhood it takes to get Myles to sleep. The answer is 3. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Been finding bites on Myles' hand and arm. At first I thought they were bug bites. I find out though he's been doing it to himself. This kid is programmed for self-destruction. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • FunFact: Only two books in the history of the world have ever started with the sentence, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and The Biography Of Myles Wyss ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Sometimes Baya plays well with Myles, other times not. Last week she pushed him down and he got a bloody lip. Don't be fooled by his cute face, Baya. One day, he will avenge himself. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • About a month or so ago, we received a kids' electric four-wheeler. As soon as it came to a stop, Myles' first inclination was to stand up on the seat and swing a leg around like any other good 8-month-old acrobatic. ‪#‎StuntinIsAHabit ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • Baya has (annoyingly) never been in a hurry - to crawl, walk, or get out the door when I need her to. Myles mastered walking 4 months earlier, and gets up real early everyday to get going. ‪#‎LifewithMyles
  • If Myles lives to his first birthday, we won't have a birthday party. Instead we'll just have a cake that says, "Congratulations! You made it!" ‪#‎LifewithMyles