Tuesday, July 5, 2022

BSG & River Vault 2022!

In June, Marathon hosted the Badger State Games Track and Field meet. We started going to BSG Track several years ago when it was hosted in La Crosse. Then it moved to DC Everest then went on a 2-year hiatus. This was the first year back since 2019, and with a great location, we were not going to miss out! We ended up taking the kids with and they got to participate as well. We also had our biggest Club showing with 10 of us there! The fun part is the low-key atmosphere, competing within your age group, and the medals. 

I registered for shot, disc, pole vault, and the 800m run. I had only one disc and shot practice, but I lucked out with one good throw for each, breaking 30 feet in shot, and over 90 feet in disc! Both were near my best marks. I missed the 800 since it was at the same time I was vaulting, but I was feeling good that day! I made 11’ with a lot of clearance, so while another girl went to 11-3, I passed to 11-6. Maybe I should have done that height with her, as she beat me with 11-3, and I missed at 11-6, but while I ended up 2nd overall, I was the only one in my age group, so I did come away with a Gold (same for my other events). The kids did great! Their favorite was the long jump, but they also ran the 100m dash and the 4x100m relay and they all came away with medals. Myles even ended up winning his 8U category in the long jump and Rowyn was 3rd! (They are 7 and 5 years old).

Doing Badger State Games Track gave me the confidence to do the River Vault again this year. When you don’t get a lot of practices in, and several of them do not go well, it really shakes the confidence. Doubt is always lurking and grows deeper roots every chance it gets. It can be tough to shake that. My goal was to get that 11-6 mark. 2021 was the first summer since 2016 that I hadn’t hit that height. With 2019 being my best summer with hitting a new PR of 12 feet, I wasn’t ready to settle for 11’ yet.

There were over 35 females competing between 2 flights, and I was in the higher flight. It was pretty stacked this year with good vaulters, and I wasn’t seeded very high! I believe 15 of us made 11 feet. I made 10-6, 11, and 11-6 all on my first attempts! That dropped the remaining field to only 8. I didn’t have any good attempts at 12’, but after 3.5 hours of vaulting, I think my body was just done. Since I didn’t have any misses at my made heights, I ended up 5th overall for females! I also had a minimum of 10-20 years of age on my fellow competitors, so I still won my age category.

I have our 2 club meets in July yet, but I am ecstatic that I already hit the 11-6 mark! I am also in the thick of training for triathlon Nationals, so while it means I am pretty fit, it’s also a lot to try to balance and to ask of my body. One month left until Nationals!