Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The (Baby) Belly

I had my last race at 12 weeks, and I felt like I was already beginning to show.  I’m thankfull that most of my pregnancy occurs during the winter, when all my triathlete facebook friends are no longer posting pictures of their fit bodies at races.  I will freely admit that being pregnant brings with it some self-esteem struggles.  Sometimes I think, “Ugh, I wish I could just be back to my normal body again,” or “I miss feeling skinny.”  At this point in the pregnancy, if I was skinny again, it would mean bad news for our baby though, so while I learn to deal with it I remind myself how blest I am to be growing our second baby.  Still though, it’s a relief to have my second trimester in the fall, and my third in the winter.  While I pack on the layers most of the time, I still put on that swimsuit and jump in for some laps, so I’ll get over it for that part. 
Just another 30 miler at 16 weeks!
Throughout the whole pregnancy, the women will most likely also be constantly questioning if she’s gaining too much too fast.  “Was I showing this much already last time?”  “Am I putting on extra weight or just baby weight?”  “Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all those donuts.”  Yes, I have thought all these things, but let’s be real, donuts are delicious.  This will be a long 9 months (less than 6 left to go!).  And can anyone who hasn’t had a child really understand how long 9 months REALLY is?!  It’s pretty much an eternity!  I'll try to be better about taking more pictures of the "baby bump" this time around too.
After Baby Wyss #2 comes, you can bet I’ll get back to my “former skinny” once again.  In the meantime, I’m staying active and gaining weight anyway!

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