Monday, March 26, 2018

The Cutest Training Partner

            While the two boys are napping, I head out to the garage for, what is typically, my second workout of the day. Some days it might be a run and a quick lift. Other days involve a bike workout. Baya is past the age of naps, and so she will often come out with me and keep me company. She is good at keeping busy and preoccupying herself.
            Last fall, Baya actually got rid of her training wheels, with the goal of doing some BMX racing this summer (you can’t race with training wheels). The garage isn’t big enough to ride her bike around though, so she’ll often ride Myles’s tricycle around instead. This last weekend though, her Daddy built her a sweet upgrade so she can now bike indoors “like her mom.” I think she rode her bike for 20 minutes straight today on her "bike trainer" while I ran. She thought I should have been biking too, but after almost 2 hours on my bike yesterday, there was no way I was getting on it today! After my run, we both did a little weight lifting.
            We do not push youth sports in our house, but we do want to raise our kids to have an active lifestyle, and we want to lead by example. Our kids have seen us coach and workout. Last fall, Baya even biked alongside me when I pushed the boys while running. When we were biking around the neighborhood together this last weekend, we talked about biking and racing. I told her that I race my bike in triathlons. She said that I will probably beat everyone. That girl sets the bar pretty high. I better not let her down!

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