Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Challenges - The Move

My husband started a new job up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin on July 8th of this summer.  All of our belongings were moved into a duplex the days before.  Baya and I stayed behind in our empty house for a week.  We closed on our former house July 12th, and we moved in with friends for my last week at my former job, before we made the move up north as well.
Routine, resources – everything was thrown out the window!  I was starting from scratch during the biggest season of my life, during the end of my big build period, and right before my biggest races.  Think triathlon in itself isn’t challenging enough?  I was already increasing my training for a longer distance and to do the HIM for more challenge.  But wait, let’s have a baby in there too.  Oh, oh, and let’s move!  Yes, let’s move, and start new jobs, and live in a new (super tiny) duplex.  Let’s move up in coaching and now I can start coaching Varsity volleyball and can have the season overlap with my race season!  Yes, and let’s leave all our resources behind and move farther away from our families so they are even less accessible for babysitting!  Let’s find a new congregation to worship with, and while we’re at it, let’s just question everything in life, have Baya regress and no longer sleep through the night....
Yup, this all happened.  Sometimes I feel like if I could survive this season, then I can face anything!  (Perhaps even an Ironman someday?)  Heck, if we weren’t planning on growing our family so soon, then I might as well just do my IM next year already, after all, my new routine should (hopefully) be established, and new resources (babysitters) will (Lord-willing) be found, and I’ll have a whole new support system in place.  If all I had to do was focus on training, the IM distance just doesn’t seem so daunting anymore.  (And this is coming from someone who INSISTED that she was NEVER doing an Ironman.  Yea, about that...)
Well, Baya is back to sleeping through the night (hallelujah!), I’ve started working at the YMCA in Rhinelander, the volleyball season is over half done, and I have only a couple weeks left before my first marathon.  Somehow I made it through the end of my build period and into my race weeks and the close of the season.  I had a couple grandma visits that sure helped with that.  A bonus of being up in the chain-of-lakes though is that I did get more open water swims in than what I had been doing.  I lost all my bike routes, and it's a bit tougher up here.  With all these lakes, there are a lot of roads that dead-end.  You basically have super busy highways (also tourist season up here), or else the side roads that don't dead-end and are paved, are very curvy without extra shoulder space (and often without lines).  They both make me nervous.
At my former Y, I used to do a lot of my running on their indoor track while Baya was in mini-care, but this Y doesn’t have a track like that, so I sometimes resort to the DREADmill, otherwise Baya and I have been hitting the trail a TON with the running stroller.  We live about a block from a trail that has been awesome to do a lot of my running on.  My long runs Andy has biked beside me, while pulling Baya so I don’t have to carry water or anything with me.  I’m back to riding solely on the trainer, but only a couple times a week since I’m focusing on the run, and I’m hitting the pool three times per week.  Baya has become more predictable in her naps, which makes it easier to bike on the trainer, and mini-care at the Y has her while I swim.  For the most part, she’s okay in the stroller as long as I time it out with her eating and nap schedule.  I made it up to running 8 miles with her in it (that’s a long ways pushing a stroller!), and she slept for another hour after I got back, so I guess if I was really crazy I could have ran another 6 or so with her in it (trust me, I’m not THAT crazy).
Somehow it did all come together in the end, and somehow I’ve found a way to keep on going.  The weather has been a blessing, as it has been a beautiful fall for running outside with Baya, but the winter will present a whole new set of challenges.  The changing training blocks will present their challenges, and the track season in the spring will be a whole new battle to take on.  No worries though, I will continue to figure it out and adapt.  No excuses.

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