Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Things I've Learned about Cozumel

  • Non-English speakers understand your English better than your Spanish.  Pero yo necessito practicar mi espanol!
  • It will rain. Every day. Even if it is sunny out.  It is like kisses from heaven.  Or the clouds are sweating.
  • If you are on the bike and stop moving, every pore in your body will profusely pour out sweat (even those without sweat glands – it’s pretty impressive).  It must be what melting feels like.
  • You cannot drink the tap water.  But you can buy 10L bottles for just over a dollar.  That is how much you need for one day around here.
  • If you are almost hit by a car when you are out on the roads, the driver would be a tourist.
  • If you have a rude encounter with someone, you can assume they are a tourist.
  • Swimming in the ocean here is the most beautiful swim you could have.  The salt water also makes it the most disgusting.
  • The locals will help you even when you don’t want help.  Then they will expect a tip for doing what you didn’t want them to do.
  • Change your money into pesos.  The bank has the best exchange rate.  Every one else takes advantage of lazy Americans.
  • Things never dry here. Never.
  • Even the air conditioner can’t get rid of the humidity.
  • Being in the sun is like being on the surface of the sun.  Being in the shade is like being in a sauna.
  • If you are in the sun and no breeze, you may die.
  • At the Mega Store you can buy nice pants and sweaters.  After all, it is almost winter here.
  • Every store is required to have one person behind the counter and another corralling people into the store.
  • Lizards are everywhere.  Make friends, not enemies.
  • There are 400 different kinds of milk.  And none of them are refrigerated.

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