Monday, September 12, 2016

Viva La Mexico!

            We arrived in Cozumel on Saturday, a full week in advance of my race this upcoming Sunday.  I was anticipating it being hot, but you don’t realize how thick the humidity can be.  I’m glad I have a week to acclimate.  Fortunately, we didn't have to change time zones, so that part has been easy!  After Nationals, I found greater focus in preparing for World’s.  Then just over two weeks ago, I came down sick, and it has continued to get worse since then.  I’m now on antibiotic for a sinus infection, but after many sleepless nights, I’m just worn down and exhausted.
            On the evening we arrived, Andy and I went for an easy run, and we quickly realized how intense the humidity would be.  The next day in the afternoon, I hopped on my bike.  Cozumel truly is Triland, as they host Ironman Cozumel, Ironman 70.3 Cozumel, and other ITU races.  They have a road dedicated to cycling that can be used for training and racing.  I was able to preview the bike course this way.  It was strange having a route be absolutely flat.  The road was in pretty good condition too.  I only saw the ocean a few times on the ride, otherwise it was lined with trees and greenery, which also provided some shade, which is a relief to know for on race day.  I got back and Andy and I headed out for a run, also previewing the run course, and I ran the first 5K at a fast pace.  Fortunately it was cloudy, but the heat and humidity was still almost to the point of unbearable. 
            It was tough getting in all of my workouts during the two weeks of sickness before I left home, but I did get in some big key ones that helped to give me confidence.  Being here makes me nervous.  I’m tempted to disconnect from all computer and watches for the race, so I don’t get too wrapped up on time or pace, but just race by effort and to find enjoyment and satisfaction in it instead of getting frustrated or wanting to give up.  It’s also neat being surrounded by so many other triathletes as they prepare for their big day as well.  Normally, I rarely see any cyclists out on the road, or even runners out in our neighborhood, so being surrounded by so many others in training has also provided additional motivation and excitement.
            For now, it’s about finishing up my final days of training in preparation for the big day, and enjoying our time down here (and skyping the volleyball games I'm missing out on coaching!).  For me, Cozumel is more than just another race, or even my first international race, or “race-cation.”    Instead, World’s this year is the culmination of the past 6 years of work that have brought me here.  It represents all the sweat and tears of the journey to this Grand Final World Championship, a combination of triumph and all the frustrations.  I also anticipate that this may be one of the most emotional of my races.  So let’s hope this infection clears up soon and I’m ready to go at 100%!

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  1. I say, unplug and just do it! Good luck and remember, we love you!