Monday, October 17, 2016

Change of Pace

            After World’s, I took a week completely off to let my mind and body reset and recharge.  After a week, I started running a few days a week, and I also started lifting a couple days a week.  After 3 weeks out of the water, I hit the pool again, and enjoyed it a lot more than what I thought I would, so I would like to continue with that at least a couple days a week, and then take the kids swimming with me afterwards once a week too.  It’s a much more relaxed and enjoyable pace to life. 
            I didn’t realize the full amount of stress that triathlon had been bringing me until I finally called it quits.  From the moment the race was over, a huge sense of relief came over me.  Having the pressure off from training and competing has been huge.  If I can’t get a workout in one day, it’s not a big deal.  I’ll stay active, but with kids, life interruptions will definitely happen.  I don’t need to stress over it anymore though.
            Last weekend, I started having some terrible pain while running.  With Myles, I had a lot of pelvic pain, but this time it seems more like round ligament pain, and it has brought my running to a halt.  I took a week off from running before trying again.  I thought my last attempt at running was going better, until I had to stop and walk after 2 miles.  I competed at 16 weeks of pregnancy, and by 19 weeks, I was in enough pain that I needed breaks during my runs.  I can’t run fast, and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have gotten in a great race so far into my pregnancy before these additional challenges have come up!  Talk about perfect timing!
            I’m now looking for more alternative options.  I don’t want to ride my trainer indoors, and it gets uncomfortable riding in aero position, so I’m pulling the kids behind my one-speed cruiser for a great family-friendly workout instead.  Advantages?  All pressure is off my belly as I sit upright and feel as prim and proper as Mary Poppins.  I can get in a good leg workout, especially on hills, pulling that weight behind me, and people can ride with me and not get mad at me for going too fast!  I can have company, carry on a conversation, and not lose training buddies.  A definite win.
This winter, I am hoping to get my own set of XC skis, as well as a double chariot to pull the kids, in order to get some fun workouts in over the winter that don’t involve putting myself through pain and misery in an attempt to keep running.  Because let’s be honest, it’s just not worth the self-torture.  I know some people switch to XC skiing completely over the winter to replace running but still achieve similar fitness.  My main goal is to weight lift to get stronger, and then stay in shape so I’m ready to go once track season and the new baby arrives (oh yea, and have FUN doing it!).  So if you know of anybody selling some good used XC ski stuff, let me know!

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