Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Long Road Back

Getting my first IV iron treatment
            To say this has been the roughest postpartum experience yet, would be an understatement.  We have definitely been kept busy with appointments.  Babies have a lot at first, with a follow-up bilirubin check, then a one-week, and then a 2-week appointment.  I have had countless dentist appointments, and I have learned the hard way to not go 4 years without a dental exam.  After my 6-week postpartum doctor appointment, I then proceeded to have lab work done, and then an appointment for an ultrasound and a consult with a hematologist.  The ultrasound was done to see if the cause of my prolonged bleeding and clotting was due to placenta left behind in my uterus.  There may have been a paper-thin membrane there, but since things did continue to improve, we haven’t had to follow up on that.  I met with a hematologist because the normal hemoglobin range for women is 12-15.5.  Mine came back as an 8 and pretty much no iron.  I have started weekly intravenous iron treatments that will continue for the next 4-5 weeks. 
At Rowyn’s 2 month appointment, he was pretty low with his weight compa
red to the last appointment, so I have to feed him extra after every feeding and go back for a weight check after 2 weeks.  At least I have managed to freeze over 40 bags of milk for him (I get up and pump during the middle of the night since he sleeps through), but I have also dealt with 3 rounds of mastitis already, which also hurts production.  Like I said, it’s been rough.
It's been rough, but this kid is worth it!
            On top of the physical ailments, there has also been a lack of opportunity to work out like I would like (doctor appointments don’t help that) and weight loss has stalled and I’m feeling unfit, fat and unhappy.  Okay, I’m not really fat, but it feels that way.  I also haven’t been able to vault a ton, so I should also be happy with 9’6” from a short approach, but I’m not.  And without a coach, it gets frustrating.  Mentally, I haven’t been in a very good place. 
            I got out my race bike the last couple weekends, and it was exhilarating.  I’ve done a couple 3 mile, non-stop runs.  It’s been slow, but at least progress.  I’m bummed I haven’t been able to keep up with the Track workouts, and have only been able to attempt a couple.  I’ve been back in the pool a couple days a week, and I try to get in a couple WODs every week.  I’m hoping the iron treatments will get my body running better and I won’t be so short of breath or lightheaded and that the speed will start to return as well.  I’m just ready to feel like myself again.  I’m hoping things are now on the right track, with the weekly treatments, and finding a routine that works to be able to get back into shape and competitive again, and that the setbacks are mostly behind me.  I’m more than ready to keep moving forward!

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