Monday, December 4, 2017

Hunger Pains

            I’m craving competition.  I’m feeling strong again and I’m getting restless with just working out.  I’m tempted to do a ski race (for fun and for the challenge of it).  Logistically, 3 kids will be a lot tougher to train with for skiing than 2 were.  There is also a USATF indoor track meet that I am eyeing.  Even without any jumps practice, I’m tempted to do it anyway.  The drive to the Twin Cities for it, and juggling things with 3 littles is a turn-off though.
Skiing Nov 11th this year! (The only day we could so far)
            I’ve been swimming REALLY well and working on building up some run mileage again (shooting for over 20 miles/week right now).  I feel so good in the pool, strong and FAST, that it makes me want to do triathlons again.  Feeling strong makes a big difference.  It’s not just the weight lifting, it’s also having my iron levels up.  My body doesn’t feel as fatigued.  My engine is firing on all cylinders.  My last year (or 2) of racing, I didn’t feel strong.  I felt like I was just trying to push through it.  My best races were when I would get off the bike and felt strong, even if I just biked 56 miles.  After having Myles, I never really felt that way again.  Even workouts were a challenge.  I just didn’t feel good.  After World’s in Cozumel, I thought I was really just retiring from the sport altogether.  This past year off was necessary, but now that I’m feeling good, it has me thinking about it again.
            I ran a super low-key Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving with my husband. We started conservatively (granted it was also 20 degrees out and slick with a dusting of snow).  A Cross Country girl took it out fast and held the lead for over a mile before we started closing the gap.  With over a mile to go, we left her behind.  But it’s not the win that gets me. After all, you can’t determine who is going to show up on race day.  But it’s how I felt overtaking her.  I comfortably pushed.  I felt good.  I felt strong (23:53 helps that feeling – heck, I once ran a whole marathon at that pace in my prime!). It’s not the pace; it’s the feeling.  It’s being able to make the last mile, the fastest mile.  It’s about being able to be aggressive at the end, to be able to push when it’s time to push.  It’s all about feeling strong. Now I just need something to work towards.

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