Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Off to the Races!

            January 27th will mark the day of my first cross-country ski race! I’ll be going down to Wausau for winter Badger State Games with a friend and fellow track coach. I did a lot of skiing last year (averaged 4-5x/week) and skied a lot between Christmas and New Years this year, but have since discovered that the reality of skiing with 3 littles is next to impossible.  I did it once by myself with Rowyn in the front pack, be he has outgrown that.  The straps for the back carrier interfere with the harness of the chariot and Baya said she can’t hang on the back for very long if I pull her on her skis behind it.  She does love using her skis on her own though!
Nice scenery for skiing!
            So now I’ve been going once/week by myself for a long ski and been working up to 2 hours. I’m counting on swim/bike/run fitness to get me the rest of the way. I’m still on non-groomed trails and have waxless skis, so my pace is far from impressive, and I look forward to seeing what it will be like in a race.  It may very well take me a long time. We are dong the 21K (roughly a half-marathon) classic ski race.  If I don’t line up wax skis for us, I’ll pick up some wax that is designed for waxless skis.  Nevertheless, I think it will be a fun experience!
            I love BSG events, so I’m glad this is the race I’ll be doing.  It will be my 4th different BSG event (duathlon, swimming, and track thus far), but my first winter one! Since December, I have been training, and it feels great.  Skiing will be a fun adventure as my focus on the next big thing intensifies.  I’ll announce what that will be soon!

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