Thursday, March 7, 2013

Conceiving While Training

           I am posting about this only because as I previously shared, my mom thought I may have troubles getting pregnant while training.  You may be wondering about this as well.  While the stress that training puts on your body may indeed affect your body’s ability to take to pregnancy, it is not a guarantee by any means.  Some women have difficulty conceiving for a large variety of reasons.  Stress in general can definitely be a factor.  There are life stressors to consider as well though.  Job stress is probably one of the biggest ones.  
            I had been increasing my training load steadily over the months prior to trying to conceive.  However, I feel like my body adjusted to the training load quite well and had adapted to the new lifestyle.  I think this is important to keep in mind for yourself as well.  I actually became pregnant the first month we gave a serious attempt at conceiving.  I had a positive life situation at the time though as well.  I had recently resigned from a stressful position (and I am not one who typically is stressed by a lot), and the coaching season had just ended.  I had a part-time job that I very much enjoyed, and was able to get my training in more easily with my new schedule.
            Don’t be discouraged if you do not conceive this quickly, but do remember that there are many factors that are involved, and for some it may just take longer.  The less pressure you put on yourself to get pregnant, the better.

Coming next - racing during 1st trimester!

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