Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Summer Training - Part 2

A lot of women will talk about feeling really exhausted during their first trimester.  I knew that even when I was planning to race while pregnant, not really thinking much of it.  I discovered it is true that fatigue/exhaustion tends to indeed come with first trimester.  This can be disheartening for training and competing.  If you’re able to get a nap in, great!  I’ve never been much of a nap taker, but there were a few times I got a good nap in during those days.  If you’re not able to get one in, it’s understandable.  Hopefully you are pushing to get a good night’s sleep every night.  You may be noticing you are getting tired earlier in the evenings then, as such was the case for me. 
When it comes to getting those workouts in when you are exhausted, sometimes it becomes a matter of mind over body.  What is great about working out is that exercise can help wake you up and reenergize you.  There were definitely days I had to give myself a pep talk and extra push to still get out there, and I do remember once getting quite upset over being so tired and not feeling well when I wanted to get out and get a bike ride in yet!  I ended up napping that day. 
Most days I pushed through it and got done what I had aimed to do, and that’s something you’ll have to figure out how to get through as well.  Find your mantras and motivation to get you through the rough days, and know that occasionally missing or adapting a workout should not be detrimental in the grand scheme of things.  As I have been reminded - triathlons are a long term deal.  Think big picture.

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