Thursday, June 30, 2016

Life Happens

Having a solid chunk of time between Green Bay and Graniteman (coming up on July 9th), I was optimistic about the progress I could make, most specifically with the run, but also on the bike as well.  While I’ve been spending a lot more time pole vaulting this summer than what I have since… ever, I’ve also been able to get outside for a couple weekday rides right after Andy gets home from work, and I had a killer brick run several weeks back.
Since Green Bay, we have also had to deal with our share of setbacks as well.  Baya had something viral going on that had her in pain and with a fever for 3 days straight (couldn’t even sleep at night), before we started getting things under control, but it lasted for well over a week with symptoms.  Then Myles got slammed with a sty in his eye, as well as throwing up, as well as croup, all at once.  The croup became so severe that we were admitted to the hospital for a full 30 hours before he was acceptable enough for a discharge.  A few missed workouts?  To say the least.
My foot has also been bothering me, and it feels like it is something that could become a stress fracture if I am not careful.  And so ended my high mileage weeks of knocking runs out of the park.  I’ve backed off on running a lot, but mentally I am still in a good place.  I am less fatigued going into my rides and runs and feeling stronger when I workout.  I hope that stays true as I don’t dare push it at this point in the season.  I guess we’ll soon see how it all shakes out at Graniteman in just over a week.  Graniteman will serve as a test run before Nationals.  Last year, the 10K run ate me alive, as I lost my lead and ended up 4th female overall.
My run-spiration to leave you with comes as a quote from Julia Webb, who was hoping to qualify for the Olympic Trials this year (after having her second baby last year).  As her deadline approached to make a qualifying time that she once hoped would be attainable, it became apparent that it wasn’t something realistically within grasp anymore. 
 “I will admit there’s been heartache as my own athletic season has hit one road block after another, looking back at small mistakes that lead to great losses. But beyond the “failure” of running some magical time, I have truly loved the process. I've also learned much that benefits me as a coach! Each and every run I get out there is a great day. I could be hanging my head when I arrive on that starting line. I could be feeling pretty badly knowing I am now far from chasing something I thought was a given many months ago when things were looking up and up. Yet the fact that I’m still out there chasing a new dream (running the best I possibly can- doing what I love) is a win.
Being flexible and always adapting is the key to success as a runner. We all want to have a straight line leading to our ultimate level of success, but more often than not, there are numerous setbacks and unforeseen circumstances that come into play. Adapting and changing our expectations and not trying to be the runner we once were (or were hoping to become) is critical. Yes, having goals is important. Enjoying the process of the every day journey is above that goal. Don’t forget — Measure your success in as many ways as you can!”

            When it comes right down to it, life happens.  It will mess with your perfect plan.  It will force goals to change.  But how you respond to it, makes all the difference.  So enjoy the journey!

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