Friday, August 2, 2019

Final Three Eagle Summer Track Meet

            On Wednesday night, we hosted our final summer meet of the season. The youth crowd was large! It was awesome to see all the little competitors. The pole vault crew was still small, but some great talent nonetheless! Between moving hurdles and watching my kids race, I would quick jump a height. Pretty hectic, but I guess it worked! I cleared 10-6, 11, and 11-6 on my first attempts. I really wanted to end the season with something big again, and I did! I cleared 12 feet for the second time this season!

            I couldn’t be happier with the progress I made this year. Four out of the Top 5 marks of my life were set this year. My goal as a college senior, 9 years and 3 kids ago, was to make 12 feet. Unbelievable that at this point in my life, I did it! Dedicating an entire off-season to the weight room and work on the high bar paid off.  I had 3 indoor meets, a spring outdoor meet, and 6 summer meets. 10 total meets this year! That’s a lot! Out of those 10, only 3 had marks lower than 11-6. Four of the meets, I had post-collegiate or lifetime PR’s (or tied them). What an unbelievable season!
            Next weekend, I am off to triathlon Nationals in Cleveland – a last minute decision that I made a week ago. Which means I have one week of triathlon training under my belt! This will be an experience!

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