Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Chocolate Milk Team

            I was down in Madison recently and got the chance to meet with my support team at the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board again!  I’m excited to be able to continue racing and repping for them.  With my roots in dairy, being a farm girl at heart forever, and our absolute love of chocolate milk in this house, it is simply the perfect match!  I appreciate all the support I received from them for this past season.  It was my biggest race season by far (7 triathlons with one being a half-iron, and another being USAT Nationals!), and being able to represent Wisconsin Dairy and chocolate milk through it all was a huge honor!
            A day in the life of a chocolate milk athlete… A sitter was recently over at our house, and when I got home she said she was impressed that we had a gallon of chocolate milk in our fridge.  This confused me, as we were literally down to only ONE gallon of chocolate milk left!  She explained that most people just buy a half-gallon (we only buy half gallon when that happens to be the cheaper option, though it is a pain to have to carry twice as many jugs home then!).  Fortunately I had a grocery trip to make that afternoon due to chocolate milk being on a super sale with no limit so I restocked with 5 additional chocolate and 2 white (there was a limit on the white at the sale price).  At checkout, the cashier seemed bewildered by the amount of milk I had (really?  I mean we’re in Wisconsin and all!), and I later texted my sitter that I was embarrassed by the sole gallon she saw earlier so I restocked with another 5.  There is no shame in being known as the chocolate milk girl.  I mean really, how cool is that?!
            I LOVE seeing chocolate milk at the finish line at races (like our Three Eagle HalfMarathon & 5K!), which provides competitors with easy access to an ideal recovery beverage so they can begin the rehydrating, rebuilding, and refueling process immediately.  You can find the chocolate milk team passing out chocolate milk to participants at the following races during the first half of this year:
-       Trailbreaker Race in Waukesha on February 7
-       Reedsburg Vet Fest (Half Marathon, 5K, 1 Mile Walk) in Reedsburg on April 11
-       Parkinson’s Half Marathon & 5K in Cottage Grove on April 18
-       Oshkosh Marathon on April 19
-       Wisconsin Marathon in Kenosha on May 2
-       Eau Claire Marathon on May 3
-       Women’s Run in Pewaukee on May 9
-       Get it Dunn Half Marathon & 5K in Menomonie on May 17
-       Tour of America’s Dairyland (TOAD) Events in June
You can even find me with the team at the chocolate milk tent at the end of the Eau Claire Marathon in May!  I’m thrilled to be able to take part in this amazing journey, and it is all made possible by the support of my family, friends, and my sponsors.  At the end of the 2015 season, I’ll be racing for Team USA, but I’ll also be racing for all my supporters and myself.  I mean really, how cool is that?!

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